Cameron measures up for engineering apprenticeship qualification

Cameron Reeves has become the first OGP UK apprentice to successfully earn his stripes – and he’s done it a remarkable 12 months ahead of schedule.

The 19-year-old has spent the last two years learning on the job under a partnership between the JCB Academy and OGP UK’s parent company the Carfulan Group.

The programme has offered Cameron a unique insight into the world-leading optical and multi-sensor metrology technologies that OGP UK supplies to customers across the UK.

Having completed a range of assessments in subjects as diverse as mechanical engineering, mathematics and electronics, he has now been recognised with an Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture (Engineering Technical Support), achieving the qualification a whole year before target.

That has enabled him to officially take up a position as a Trainee Applications Engineer with OGP UK, the longest-established of the Carfulan Group’s five businesses.

OGP UK apprentice Ed Cartwright and Cameron Reeves

Cameron, who lives in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, said: “I knew I didn’t want to go into the sixth form or college after finishing school, but I did want to earn and learn. It’s been great to get work experience while doing my qualifications at the same time.

“The technical education side of the course was fairly straightforward, but coming into such a fast-paced business means you go from zero to 100mph in terms of your engineering knowledge.

“You have to know a wide range of products and there’s so much to take in, which has been one of the biggest challenges, but it’s nice as you’re not put under any pressure – there’s a freedom to make mistakes.

“Now it’s about becoming more and more skilled at the job, while taking on more responsibility.”

Ed Cartwright, 20, who has been training alongside Cameron, has earned the same apprenticeship qualification, meaning he is now a fully-fledged Service Engineer with ZOLLER UK, another Carfulan Group company and a supplier of tool presetting, inspection and management solutions.

The Carfulan Group has a trio of other apprentices well into a three-year specialised programme designed to develop their formal engineering knowledge and skills.

Working alongside experienced professionals, they are gaining invaluable knowledge in areas such as health and safety, computer-aided design (CAD) software techniques and machine installation and calibration.

This is delivered through both practical and theoretical methods, ensuring apprentices develop the wide range of skills they will need to succeed in an engineering career.

Carfulan Group Managing Director Chris Fulton said: “We have a successful track record of investing in local talent and helping it to come to fruition in an engineering environment.

“Cameron and Ed have already proved themselves to be valuable members of the team and, thanks to their dedication and strong work ethic, it’s no surprise to us that they’ve secured their qualifications so quickly.

“They should be very proud of themselves – we’re certainly very proud of them.”

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