Better products, better time to market: How multi-sensor metrology drives high productivity

Every business, large or small, needs a competitive advantage. Something that distinguishes it from others, draws customers in and makes them more likely to choose it over and above its rivals.

It might be lower cost, better customer service, faster delivery times or a more convenient location.

In manufacturing, high productivity is critical. A measure of the efficiency of production, productivity is calculated by dividing average output per period by the total costs incurred or resources (capital, energy, material, personnel) consumed in that period.

Those who do it well can provide more goods and services to their customers, leading to greater profits.

For the past 30 years, OGP UK has been helping businesses to achieve maximised productivity by supplying world-leading multi-sensor metrology technology across industries such as aerospace, optical, engineering, automotive, oil and medical.

Here’s how multi-sensor metrology will unlock the door to unparalleled manufacturing performance, helping you to get your products to market more quickly…



Regardless of the part being measured, multi-sensor systems select the best tools for the job and automatically deploy them in one routine.

multi-sensor metrology from OGP UK

Using a combination of world-class video optics, industry leading lasers and probes, one fully capable multi-sensor system has the ability to measure complex dimensional forms and surface relationships that are often impossible to capture via conventional single-sensor systems.

Traditional metrology platforms and manual measurement methods – along with the inefficiencies, fixturing costs, large factory footprint and unreliability often associated with them –are incompatible with Industry 4.0.

Retrofittable with the latest hardware and software, OGP machines not only satisfy the requirements of your current projects but have the capabilities to meet every future challenge.



An OGP machine eliminates the need for multiple specialised measuring systems. Instead, with micron precision, a single multi-sensor machine can quickly and reliably gather detailed data and gauge the characteristics of even the most demanding components and features.

Using two or more different sensors simultaneously, data points and three-dimensional results can be acquired far more quickly than with a co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM), with no need to transport parts around the production environment and therefore no room for error.

Any issues associated with non-tolerance can be identified and addressed immediately, leading to less scrap, minimal rework and dramatically increased throughput.

Large field-of-view optics and impressive bed sizes mean multiple parts can be measured simultaneously, further increasing productivity.

In highly regulated industries, where parts are becoming smaller and tolerances tighter, businesses can guarantee right-first-time products for their customers.



ZONE3 software is the brain behind the brawn, offering full 3D CAD-based programming to automatically and effortlessly generate measurement routines. As offline programming can be performed away from the multi-sensor metrology machine, your OGP system is free to support production.

zone3 multi-sensor software

ZONE3 includes the full range of geometric measurement capabilities alongside advanced features such as automatic path generation, animation-assisted alignment tools, real-time virtual machine kinematics, a graphical sensor builder and universal construction tool.

The process of edge detection capability gives reproducibility and repeatability – a programme will run and do the same ultra-precise job over and over again.

In addition to reducing measurement programming time from hours to minutes in some cases, metrology tasks that would take an hour on a CMM take just minutes with an OGP.

Despite its incredible capabilities, ZONE3 software is easy to use and therefore does not require any extensive, costly or time-intensive staff training.


We understand the pressure that manufacturers are under to deliver. That’s why, with the highest standards of customer service, OGP UK’s mission is to help you improve production processes and achieve end-product excellence.

A more productive business is a more successful business.

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