5 reasons to upgrade to multi-sensor metrology

Save up to £20,000 by trading in your shadowgraph or co-ordinate measurement machine (CMM) in 2020

Human evolution is about the survival of the fittest, aided by scientific discovery.

Since the dawn of time we’ve been on a quest to find new and better ways of doing things – techniques and inventions that might help us get stronger, live longer, become more successful and leave an enduring legacy that will benefit others.

For the past 75 years, OGP has been on such a mission. A pioneer in non-contact and multi-sensor measurement, its market-leading technologies have acted as a growth engine for manufacturers across the world, empowering them to increase the quality of both their production processes and products.


upgrade to multi-sensor metrology from OGP UK

At OGP UK, we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for you with our advanced metrology systems, which combine multiple sensors and automatically deploy the right one to solve every measurement challenge, regardless of component complexity.

Where once businesses were relying on a combination of manual measurement methods such as laser scanners, micrometers and height gauges, more and more are discovering the benefits that OGP’s multi-sensor technology provides.

As we enter a new decade, where the demand on manufacturers to deliver speed, quality and efficiency will be greater than ever, we don’t think anyone should be left behind. That’s why, in 2020, whenever you trade in a legacy shadowgraph or CMM, we’ll give you thousands of pounds off one of our state-of-the-art multi-sensor systems.

Coupled with our flexible finance options, there’s never been a better time to invest – but why should you?

Here are five reasons…


Make complex measurements simple

Whether it be micro components or generally complex parts, OGP machines have the ability to measure the smallest details more accurately and faster than has ever been possible before, using a combination of optical sensors, lasers, video analysis, touch-trigger probes, scanning probes, micro-probes and white light devices. By integrating two or more sensors you’ll be able to carry out advanced metrology functions that will not only serve your present measurement needs, but will also see you well into the future as your business and order book grow.

Eliminate human error

Through non-contact measurements carried out at the push of a button or touch of a screen, there is no need to worry about the sort of inaccuracies that can be caused by an operator when using conventional measurement techniques. OGP systems allow a user to operate hands-free, taking data directly from the component through multiple sensors, and can be used alongside a robotic arm for further quality assurance.

Improve quality

OGP multi-sensor technology boosts the efficiency of your measurement verification process through increased accuracy, speed and repeatability. Allowing for better quality products in turn increases product performance. Multiple sensors gather and report detailed data about every last feature of a component, ensuring a swift and thorough metrology process that delivers micron precision all along the production line.

Increase productivity

Faster measurement means faster production. As well as being able to assure your customers of outstanding quality on the parts that you make, you’ll also be able to produce more of them – and that means a measurable profitability increase.

Enhance return on investment (ROI)

OGP multi-sensor measurement systems and software are a proven, cost-effective metrology solution. Better part accuracy, repeatability and overall quality means an OGP machine will pay for itself very quickly as your business’s reputation blooms. Customers old and new will have total confidence that high-quality products will be delivered to them on time, every time.

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