5 Reasons for Multi-Sensor Metrology

In need of a non-contact solution for complex measurements that increases the quality of your production process and products?

Look no further, here at OGP UK we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for you with our advanced world-leading metrology solution that combine multiple sensors to suit a multitude of measurement needs. Our team also offers outstanding service and software packages with ongoing team support. But first find out more about what multi-sensor metrology can do for your business.

Complex Measurements-

Whether it be micro components or complex parts in general, OGP SmartScopes have the ability to measure the smallest details accurately and faster than ever through a combination of optical sensors, laser, video measurement, touch-trigger probes, scanning probes, micro-probes and white light devices. By integrating two or more sensors you’ll be able to carry out advanced complex metrology functions that will not only serve present measurement needs but will also see you well into the future of metrology.

Eliminates Human Error-

Through non-contact measurements carried out at the push of a button, there is no need to worry about measurement inaccuracies caused by the operator when using conventional measurement devices. OGP SmartScopes allow the user to operate hands-free, taking data directly from the component through multiple sensor probes, and can be used alongside a robotic arm for further accuracy assurance.

Improved Quality-

OGP multi-sensor technology boosts your measurement verification process efficiency through increased accuracy, speed and repeatability. Allowing for better quality products which in turn increases product performance. Using multiple sensors for measurement of even the most complex parts, gathers data from every feature of the component, ensuring a speedy and thorough metrology process that delivers micron precision in measurement data.

Increased Productivity-

Through a faster measurement process your production processes will speed up, and as a result you’ll not only be able to assure your customers of outstanding quality in the products that you make but you’ll also be able to produce more of them and thus increase your profitability through faster production times.

Enhances ROI-

OGP SmartScope multi-sensor measurement systems and software are a proven cost-effective metrology solution. While increasing accuracy of parts, repeatability and overall quality, through installation of an OGP SmartScope you’ll quickly see a return on investment. An increase in productivity means that you’ll be able to supply you customer with quality products faster.


To speak to our team of industry-trained professionals about a metrology solution for your business, contact us on 01283 585933, or email info@ogpuk.com

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