Who are OGP UK?

OGP (Optical Gaging Products) is a division of Quality Vision International Inc. (QVI®), a world-leading manufacturer of precision multi-sensor metrology systems for industrial quality control.

Established over 75 years ago, OGP’s machine line began in 1992 with the SmartScope family, which has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular and trusted measurement systems. Today the company offer a wide range of metrology machines for any evaluation task.

OGP UK is the UK representative based in Foston, Derby with a team of dedicated experts who specialise in support, training, and aftersales care.

OGP UK have received QVI’s European Representative of the Year Award three times now, cementing their status as one of the best resellers in the world for OGP metrology machines.

As well as selling such popular lines as the SmartScope SP and Vantage ranges, OGP UK provide full service packages with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, part programming, and subcontract measurement for fast-growing businesses. When it comes to applied metrology, OGP UK have it all under one name.

Applied metrology is a practice that will only grow more relevant as demands on manufacturing grow. With tighter tolerances, more complex designs, and a greater need for fast turnarounds without sacrificing quality of work, businesses need more.

All of these factors can be eased and answered with a robust metrology solution. OGP’s metrology machines employ touch probes, laser sensors, and advanced optics with multifaceted approaches to harness the strengths of each simultaneously.

OGP UK: Ready For the Future

Industry 4.0 practices create a greater demand for the kinds of data applied metrology can yield. Real-time measurements of parts and tools keep manufacturers informed and responsive. Saving time and money with automated measurements are the measurable successes of OGP’s happy customers.

OGP UK can provide the solutions for businesses that want to be on the cutting edge of their fields.

Contact our dedicated experts today and find out more about the power of applied metrology.