What types of OGP inspection machines are available to UK manufacturers?

OGP has a wide range of metrology solutions to suit an array of businesses and industries. Whether it’s large-scale parts or micro-mechanical components, there’s a machine to map every last detail.

So, what differentiates machines that, ultimately, all serve the same purpose? 

Let’s take a look at OGP UK’s range of multi sensor CMMs and how they can cover all inspection scenarios:

  • Multi sensor measuring machines
  • Video measuring systems
  • High performance OMMs
  • 3D laser scanning machines

Multi sensor measuring machines

Multi sensor CMMs hold a number of key advantages over traditional CMMs with multi sensor offering full inspection versatility, providing complete 3D measurement data from a single measuring machine. 

Video, contact probes, laser and micro-probes combine for total part characterisation, with better accuracy, in a fraction of the time it would take to do on separate measuring systems.

  • SmartScope
  • Fusion
  • FlexPoint

SmartScope Vantage

OGP’s flagship machine in the SmartScope range, the Vantage is for manufacturers who demand the very highest standards of accuracy, repeatability, and speed of operation.

Vantage works with unrivalled precision on any part, no matter how complex. Tactile probes, laser sensors, and world-class patented TeleStar™ optics come together in a single system to create an airtight metrology solution.

From the benchtop Vantage 250 to the large-scale 800, every model in the range is aided by automation and powered by ZONE3 software to deliver the ultimate multi-sensor platform. Probe changes happen automatically as the Vantage chooses the best tools for the job, generating its own movement paths through ZONE3 and self-calibrating its optics with the help of advanced video algorithms.

  • Highly accurate optics for advanced metrology applications
  • Automation
  • Self-calibration
  • Multiple angles of incidence for full part coverage
  • Ability to bring mirror-polished and transparent parts into focus
  • 3D capability

SmartScope SP

SmartScope® SP systems are designed for optimum scanning probe performance, with performance specifications for SP models designed according to ISO 10360 standards.

SmartScope SP optics combine a wide field objective lens, digital zoom, and 5-megapixel monochrome digital camera, providing a distortion-free 16 mm diagonal field of view at low zoom, with high resolution at high zoom. Careful design of both optics and illumination sources ensure accurate imaging at all zoom levels, with an AccuCentric motorised zoom lens for powerful viewing.

Standard profile light, coaxial surface light, and SmartRing™ light illumination sources ensure sharp and accurate imaging whatever the task.

  • Optimum scanning probe performance
  • Designed in accordance with ISO 10360 standards
  • Distortion-free high resolution
  • Exceptional video capabilities
  • Megapixel camera with wide field lens
  • Automatically compensate magnification for each zoom position
  • Illumination to measure the most challenging parts from all angles
  • 3D capability

SmartScope CNC

Designed for use on the production shop floor and with incredibly advanced metrology capabilities, the CNC range of metrology machines maintains the highest levels of measurement accuracy while withstanding the most hostile environments. Multi-sensor deployment mechanisms help to generate automatic measurement routines, allowing for unmanned inspection and high component throughput.

Patented 12:1 AccuCentric zoom lenses provide excellent optical performance across the range, auto-calibrating after every magnification change. Programmable SmartRing™ lighting provides controllable illumination alongside standard profile and coaxial surface lighting, with an optional grid projector for further surface mapping.

ZONE3 software makes each CNC model a powerful video measuring system, though a range of tactile and laser sensors can be incorporated to varying degrees across the product line. Offering the largest range of XYZ travel, models like the CNC 1500/1550/1552 accommodate very large parts with ease and stability.

Featuring an ideal price-to-performance ratio, the CNC range has proven popular worldwide.

  • Automatically compensate magnification for each zoom position
  • Generate automatic measurement routines
  • Largest range of XYZ travel
  • Illumination to measure the most challenging parts from all angles
  • Ability to combine optical, laser and tactile sensors
  • Ability to bring mirror-polished and transparent parts into focus
  • 3D capability

SmartScope ZIP

The SmartScope ZIP range is designed as a cost-effective multi-sensor solution with flexibility in mind. The adaptable modular system excels at video measurement with onboard 7:1 AccuCentric zoom optics, with room for much more. Comprehensive LED lighting is also included across the ZIP range, with coaxial and SmartRing illumination built in.

Touch probes and laser sensors can be attached as needed, suiting any future needs and allowing your metrology capabilities to adapt alongside changes in business. Incorporate tactile sensors with touch, scanning, and feather probes to physically map complex parts. Add from a choice of laser sensors including through-the-lens lasers for precise non-contact point measurements.

ZIP represents speed and versatility on a single machine, allowing operators to choose the exact tools they need whilst supporting ZONE3, Measure-x, and MeasureMind 3D software provides intuitive support honed by years of improvement and iteration.

  • Automatically compensate magnification for each zoom position
  • Speed and versatility
  • Multiple angles of incidence for full part coverage
  • Efficient, accurate measurements
  • Ability to bring mirror-polished and transparent parts into focus
  • 3D capability

SmartScope E Series

Re-imagined to feature the latest technology from SmartScope®, the E-Series sets the standard for 3-axis optical measurement performance, a fully-automated solution for highly-accurate inspection. Introducing ideal benchtop additions to the SmartScope range to help save shopfloor space while keeping your production line up to speed, delivering parts with best-in-class precision.

  • High resolution images
  • Instant magnification changes
  • Efficient, accurate multi sensor measurements
  • Ability to rotate parts for full coverage
  • Fast and accurate measurements in a clear, easy-to-use UI


The Fusion is OGP’s most advanced, versatile, and capable multi-sensor metrology system when it comes to the accurate, non-contact measurement of even the most complex parts.

Offering a generous 350mm x 250mm x 250mm measurement stage, at the heart of the Fusion 400’s capabilities is its LFOV (large field of view) optical system. It has two selectable optical configurations: a 100mm diagonal field-of-view Low Magnification with long depth of focus, as well as a 20mm diagonal field-of-view High Magnification with autofocus. This takes LFOV optics from typical 2D measurement, to fully realised 3D measurement.

Despite powerful optics, Fusion has the options of touch and scanning probes, as well as laser sensors and rotary indexers. A patented rotational deployment mechanism places all sensors precisely on the optical centreline for full stage travel.

  • High productivity
  • Ideal for the most complex parts
  • 3D capability
  • Intelligent image processing
  • Multi sensor capability over the full stage travel


FlexPoint offers a unique combination of sensors and CAD-based programming to solve a wide variety of dimensional measurement problems.

FlexPoint systems feature VersaFlex, a patented sensor array offering up to three simultaneously available sensors on an articulating head. Measure parts with trusted scanning probe, telecentric optics, and 1 μm accuracy TeleStar interferometric laser, all without the downtime of exchanging sensors and constantly recalibrating.

CAD-programmable articulation of the head creates optimal positioning and alignment of the sensors, and allows one machine to handle the work of several when measuring parts made from easily deformed material or with recessed features.

A stable design with a rigid body for vibration isolation, active temperature compensation, and air bearings on all axes makes the FlexPoint ideal for top-level performance on the production floor.

  • Selecting the optimum sensor for each measurement and align it to the part as required. No need to drive to a change rack for a different sensor 
  • Gain speed and accuracy. Eliminate the need for multiple machines
  • Bring high speed accurate measuring capability to the shop floor
  • Programming easily mastered, address complex GD&T with immediate feedback of measured results
FlexPoint at MACH 2020

Video Measurement Systems

Automatic Video Measurement Systems – Automatic measurement systems provide dimensional measurement and CNC programmed operation for precision needs. With a large field of view, video measurement systems make complex measurements easy and accurate – it is as simple as placing a part on the stage and pressing go.

  • SNAP
  • StarLite


SNAP metrology machines are designed for in-process optical measurement of small and intricate parts, right on the manufacturing floor. Parts require no fixtures or alignment – they can simply be placed on the platform and a single button press starts the process.

With a generous 78mm field of view and up to 50 nanometre resolution, SNAP’s optics are well-suited for fast and accurate 2D part analysis. SNAP-X software enhances the machines’ ease of use even further, analysing a part for tolerance using CAD model comparisons and identifying features with a simple, powerful interface.

Whether measuring single parts or a mixture of different components, operators need not waste any time calibrating or setting up. The SNAP range’s rugged construction allows it to easily integrate to virtually any shop floor, meaning fast ‘walk up and measure’ use can take place with minimal disruption.

  • Delivers a much larger area of measurement without stage movement, ideal for small parts with fine features
  • Automatic measurement of single parts, multiple parts – even a mixture of different part, producing high accuracy images
  • Instant 2D measurement, virtual chart gaging, and profile analysis
  • Measure details anywhere in the viewing area
  • Advanced programming techniques and full-field parallel processing


StarLite is the manual semi-automatic, non-contact benchtop metrology solution. Using video measurement technology with incorporated automatic edge-detection, Starlite guarantees measurement accuracy and high-repeatability in one easy-to-use system.

Simple operation makes the range accessible even to less experienced operators, making in-process metrology more convenient and risk-free. Intuitive Gauge-X metrology software includes powerful functions for general purpose dimensional measurement with an easy-to-use graphic interface. It guides users through the measurement routine with comprehensive instructions, alongside the exclusive CompuFocus feature that ensures repeatable focus results from user to user.

A precise 6.5:1 motorised programmable zoom lens ensures image focus and can be expanded with additional lens attachments. An all-LED backlight, square-on surface light, and VectorLight™ programmable ring light provide comprehensive illumination to bring the best out of the high-resolution colour camera.

  • Selecting the optimum sensor for each measurement and align it to the part as required. No need to drive to a change rack for a different sensor 
  • Gain speed and accuracy. Eliminate the need for multiple machines
  • Bring high speed accurate measuring capability to the shop floor
  • Programming easily mastered, address complex GD&T with immediate feedback of measured results

High performance fixed optics systems

For critical dimensional measurement, OGP offers optical metrology systems tailored for wafer, photomask, slider, MEMS, semiconductor package, HDD suspension, probe card, and micro-component process measurements.

  • Benchmark
  • Pinnacle

Benchmark and Pinnacle

VIEW metrology machines are designed for measuring parts and assemblies with complex dimensions and a high density of features. The VIEW range with OGP UK includes Benchmark and Pinnacle machines.

The range’s individual metrology suitabilities include:

  • Benchmark 250 for moulded plastic parts, machined parts, electronic assemblies, semiconductor packages, fibre optic components, disk media substrates, recording head dies, or semiconductor wafers up to 150 mm in diameter.
  • Benchmark 450 for moulded plastic parts, screen printer stencils, printed circuit boards, solder paste, epoxy glue dots, precision machined parts, and many others.
  • Pinnacle for hard disk drive suspensions, printer heads, precision stampings, leadframes, ball-grid arrays, and chip scale packages.

3D Laser Scanners

The ShapeGrabber range offers automated 3D laser scanning capability ideal for measuring complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are integral.

  • ShapeGrabber


The ShapeGrabber series comprises 3D scanner machines engineered for speed, accuracy, and ease of use, providing complete surface coverage in industrial 3D model inspection.

ShapeGrabber is ideal for measuring complex shapes such as moulded plastics, castings, stampings, and machined parts and that are time-consuming, costly, and difficult to measure. Using multiple motion axes, ShapeGrabber laser scanners eliminate the need for software alignment and registration and ensure fast, accurate results.

Easily programmed for repetitive part measurement, results are highly repeatable on a wide variety of materials, colours, textures, and finishes. Using multiple motion axes, automated laser scanners eliminate the need for software alignment and registration and ensure fast, precise results, even on complex shapes featuring a high density of data points. An optional 25° tilt mechanism provides an additional alternative viewing angle for complete coverage.

With data capture ranging from 155,000 to upwards of 1.5 million points per second using superior optics developed over more than seven decades, ShapeGrabber improves product quality and compliance without slowing down production.

  • Delivers accurate measurement of a wide variety of materials, colours, textures, and finishes
  • Easy to use, no need to write special code
  • A versatile system that is configurable to meet a wide variety of application requirements
  • Fast and easy full part coverage when measuring complex shaped parts
  • Data capture is not dependent on the operator. Results are highly repeatable

            And Much More…

            There’s even more to each of these measuring machines that OGP UK’s dedicated team of metrology experts can share with you. If you want to see how each can be apply to your bespoke requirements, get in touch for a no obligation demonstration. Contact us today