What are the key applications & industries of the Vantage range?

Handling the toughest inspection challenges

No matter the challenge you face with your inspection, the OGP UK team are here to help create measuring routines that stand the test of time. The Vantage range is the most efficient multi-sensor machine enabling fast and accurate measurement of the most complex geometries in a single setup.


  • Electronic components
  • Large components
  • Batch measurements
  • Plastic and rubber parts
  • Critical components
  • Extruded parts
  • Additive manufactured parts
  • Stamped parts
  • Machined parts
  • Cast-forged parts

Tight tolerances

Tight tolerances are a challenge many manufacturers face, with even the smallest misalignments costing time and money. Owing to the stringent demands and regulations placed upon industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical industry manufacturers, ensuring precision is vital if you want your parts to meet strict performance and safety requirements. The Vantage range is designed to enable high-speed and high-quality inspection of complex-shaped components for peace of mind and exceptional results.  

Safety and performance critical parts

Safety-critical components such as powertrain components, engine valves and gears must be made to very tight tolerances in order to ensure the safety of the products that use them. Because these parts are typically expensive to produce and time consuming to replace or repair, it is essential to ensure that they are produced to the highest quality possible in order to minimise downtime and additional costs. The Vantage series has been designed to operate at high speeds and high cycle rates, which make it ideal for measuring these components reliably and repeatedly. 

Micro parts

Micro-part manufacturing is an industry where precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance, as even the smallest inaccuracies can result in costly product recalls and delays in production. The Vantage range has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of micro-part manufacturers, owing to its ultra-efficient operation and multi-sensor capabilities combining optics, lasers, rotaries and probes for full angle, full capacity coverage.

Large parts

Measuring large components can be a difficult task, particularly for less experienced operators. The Vantage range simplifies the process with a range of features enabling seamless large part measurements. This includes self-calibrating 10:1 TeleCentric zoom for automated magnification, creating crisp, distortion-free, high-fidelity images. The generous working distance combines with a large measurement volume up to the extensive 790 x 815 x 300 mm XYZ measurement volume (and available 400 mm Z-travel) of the Vantage 800. 

Multiple industries. Endless Applications.



  • Prosthetics
  • Ankle implants
  • Hip ball joints
  • Machined plates
  • Screws for repairing fractures
  • Plastic parts for heart surgeries
  • Extremely small prostheses for ENT
  • Titanium bones
  • Surgical staplers
  • Inhalers


  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dental aligners
  • Implants
  • Surgical tools
  • Orthodontic devices


  • Medical approved packaging
  • Dosage delivery devices
  • Bottle tops
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Child resistant fastenings

Precision Engineering


  • Turbine blades
  • Vanes in jet engines
  • Fibre gaskets
  • Cockpit electronics
  • Plastic on tray tables


  • Engine parts
  • Connectors
  • Clips and clamps
  • Wheel systems
  • Steering systems

Defence components for:

  • Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Submarines
  • Tanks
  • Artillery 
  • Radars
  • Security systems



  • Beverages
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Sleeves and fillers
  • Containers
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and medical approved

Consumer products

  • Watches
  • Luxury cars
  • Perfumes
  • Toys
  • Fashion
  • Utensils
  • Furniture


    • Semiconductors
    • Surface Mount components (SMTs)
    • Smartphones
    • Batteries
    • Headphones
    • LEDs
    • Casings

    And much more…

    Covering further industries including energy, plastics, education and much more, the possibilities for OGP multi-sensor technology has no limitations. If you don’t see what you measure above, get in touch to challenge our team to measure what you need. 

    What do our customers say about the Vantage?

    Brandeur use the Vantage 300 for unmatched precision. Brandauer CEO, Rowan Crozier explains:

    “Customers choose Brandauer for our ability to supply components to micron tolerances, and in order to deliver to that standard we needed the capabilities that OGP’s multi-sensor measurement machines had to offer.”

    “We selected the OGP Vantage 300 model for its advanced capabilities, including the ability to measure and report very complex GD&T.”

    “OGP’s industry expertise and measurement knowledge really helped us to make an informed choice.”

    Speed and accuracy combine for Batten & Allen with Vantage 250. Batten & Allen’s Management Systems Representative, Phil Purser explains:

    “Inspection has a vital role to play – if there is a problem at the start of a reel we need to stop the press and address the issue as soon as possible to avoid wasting expensive material. As part of our programme of continuous improvement, if such a problem is highlighted by our SmartScope machines we now have the ability to stop any of our presses remotely from the quality department.”

    “Overall we are very pleased with our SmartScope technology. The machines have increased our accuracy capability and boosted our speed considerably – throughput has risen enormously without increasing manpower.”

    “The accuracy of our new Vantage 250 ensures we are future-proofed. The tightest tolerance currently specified on our parts is 0.05mm, which is a dimension we need to measure in the z-axis.”