Vantage range in focus- the ultimate multi-sensor CMMs

AdVantage You

The Vantage range from OGP is a best-in-class multi-sensor CMM offering an unprecedented combination of performance, precision and value for every measurement task.

Ranging from the benchtop 250 to the large-volume 800 model, the Vantage range machines are all about giving manufacturers ‘opportunity’.

  • The opportunity to achieve exceptional 3D optical performance alongside the highest standards of accuracy, speed and repeatability, even on the most demanding parts and features.
  • The opportunity to take real-time control of production lines, enabling them to identify and remedy process ‘noise’ and take measures that ensure parts are delivered right the first time.
  • And the opportunity to reduce scrap, maximise throughput, increase profits and positively enhance their reputation among both existing and potential customers.

These are just some of the reasons that OGP has built up such a loyal customer base comprising some of the major players from industries such as aerospace, automotive, education, engineering and medical.

What machines are available in the Vantage range?

The OGP SmartScope Vantage range comes in five applicable sizes, the Vantage 250, 300, 450, 650 and 800 models, enabling manufacturing facilities to find the solution bespoke to the budget and brief. Each model is a fully-featured, computer-controlled coordinate measuring machine that combines the benefits of a handheld scanner with those of a conventional CMM to deliver the most versatile inspection solution available on the market today.






    • Compatible with lasers, rotaries, optics and probes
    • Benchtop and floor models
    • Precision in tight spaces
    • Full multi-sensor versatility 
    • Intricate inspection of critical components
    • Speed and accuracy for full capacity metrology
    • Smooth and seamless large part measurements
    • Distortion-free, high-fidelity images