Speaker Spotlight: David O’Connor, 3D Scanning Expert at ShapeGrabber

OGP UK Metrology Day - have you booked your place?

There is still time to book your FREE place for the OGP UK Metrology Day featuring live technology demonstrations, expert insight and much more. This week, we introduce keynote speaker, David O’Connor, Director of Sales & Marketing at ShapeGrabber.

OGP UK Metrology Day – Thursday 23rd March 2023

Advanced Innovation Centre, Faraday House, Foston, Derbyshire

9.30am – 4.30pm

Speaker Spotlight:

David O’Connor

ShapeGrabber – Director of Sales & Marketing

12.45am – How ShapeGrabber’s high precision 3D scanners can be applied to the unique challenges of reverse engineering, inspection, and quality control for multiple processes including additive manufacturing.

David O’Connor is Director of Sales & Marketing at ShapeGrabber, a division of QVI, specialising in high-speed 3D laser scanning.

What will David O’Connor discuss at the OGP UK Metrology Day?

With a background in industrial design, product design, development, product life cycle development, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping, David has 20+ years of application expertise making him well-placed to discuss how 3D laser scanning can offer benefits far beyond final inspection.

With a wide range of engineering experience from GD&T to CAD/CAM; metrology to CNC machining, David can uncover the full and unique benefits of ShapeGrabber technology for multiple applications.

  • How ShapeGrabber 3D scanning can be applied to the unique challenges faced in inspection, quality control and reverse engineering
  • How ShapeGrabber can help quantify, visualise and reduce variation and errors
  • How 3D scan data is used to verify, not only individual parts, but also to verify the manufacturing process for many parts.
  • The benefits beyond precision, and how speed is a factor with data acquisition at a rate of up to 1.5 million points per second. 
ShapeGrabber Ai320
ShapeGrabber Ai620
ShapeGrabber Ai820

Who is David O’Connor?

David O’Connor has 21 years’ experience in technical engineering, having been an Applications Engineer and Manager of Applications Engineering at ShapeGrabber since 2001 before becoming Director of Sales and Marketing at ShapeGrabber in 2022. 

Having graduated with a distinction in Industrial Design from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada in 2001, David immediately began to acquire expert knowledge on the ShapeGrabber product range, as well as inspection and reverse engineering software suites like Polyworks and Geomagic, successfully implementing 3D scanning into quality and design departments worldwide.