Speaker Spotlight: Colby Finn, VP of Marketing at OGP

OGP UK Metrology Day - have you booked your place?

There is still time to book your FREE place for the  OGP UK Metrology Day featuring live technology demonstrations, expert insight and much more. This week, we introduce keynote speaker, Colby Finn, the VP Strategic Marketing at OGP.

Thursday 23rd March 2023

Advanced Innovation Centre, Faraday House, Foston, Derbyshire

9.30am – 4.30pm

Speaker Spotlight:

Colby Finn

VP Strategic Marketing at QVI/OGP

10.15am: OGP’s position in the metrology industry; where OGP are and where are they going; what is the future of metrology?

11.30am: Why is ZONE3 the world’s most comprehensive metrology software – how ZONE3 metrology software works with you, for you.  

Owing to over 16 years’ experience in metrology, engineering, analysis and development, Colby Finn applies a wealth of optical metrological expertise to her role as VP Strategic Marketing at QVI, parent company of OGP.

What will Colby discuss at the Metrology Day?

Speaking on OGP’s position in the metrology industry, Colby promises to review the future of dimensional inspection, demonstrating OGP multi-sensor capabilities that are transforming shop floors, offering manufacturers high performance, precision and complete control over their throughput. 

Delving deep into the role of precision metrology in eliminating bottlenecks, and facing up to the challenge of measuring the most complex components, in seconds – Colby will speak on how OGP are working with worldwide manufacturing facilities, both big and small to ensure they’re ready-made for Industry 4.0.

OGP technology
ZONE3 software

Who is Colby Finn?

Colby was educated at the University of Rochester, US with a Bachelor of Science in Optics, before she joined OGP as an Applications Engineer in 2007. She was promoted to Metrology Reliability Engineer in 2010, while she studied an MBA in General Management at St John Fisher University, US. 

Colby became Program Manager in Advanced Development at QVI in 2015 before becoming Director of Advanced Technology in 2017, and in 2020, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for QVI.

Highly skilled in the fields of engineering, engineering management, experiment design, product development, root cause analysis, automation and lean manufacturing, Colby has worked across multiple industries, applications and processes to provide a comprehensive understanding of manufacturer’s needs.