Software Spotlight: Uncover the power of ZONE3

Software Spotlight: ZONE3

Better measures. Made easier.

ZONE3 takes metrology further. The all-encompassing solution for all measuring routines, ZONE3 is the world’s best metrology software.

Best-in-class features. Intuitive interface. Easy application.

Taking speed, efficiency and accuracy to levels never seen before, ZONE3 can unlock the full potential of your measuring process. Easy-to-use with ultra-fast processing to aid fast part translation, ZONE3 embeds powerful 3D scanning processes into a head-turning interface.

Since we’re so confident in the benefits of ZONE3, we’re offering a free 90-day trial of the software. ZONE3 will unlock the full potential of your OGP machine and is far more comprehensive than any other platform.

Effortlessly generate measurement routines with faster run times and programming with ZONE3 software. One click, drag and drop technologies mean more productive assignments than ever before.

Packed full of features, the ZONE3 software powers OGP metrology machines with quick and easy processing from CAD model to visual verification of parts.

A comprehensive combination of features including automatic path generation, repetitive features template and routine optimisation, automatic measurement with feature extraction and edge detection all reduce on downtime and increase productivity.

One click, drag and drop technology

Powerful integration

Automation & optimisation capabilities

Advantage you

Put part measurement verifications in your hands, with full peace of mind. Less rejects, scrap and more control over processing, OGP’s flagship ZONE3 software offers a significant reputational and competitive advantage with advanced ISO calibration available, as well as fast part certification, ZONE3 is a yardstick of quality in quality control.

Eliminate quality control constraints to free up your factory floor

  • Fewer rejects
  • Fast certification
  • Lead the competition
  • Real-time reporting
  • Ultra-fast processing
  • Zero CNC downtime
  • Reduce human error

ZONE3. In a nutshell.

ZONE3 Express brings together basic GD&T functionality with full measurement capability and tools for 2D CAD files

ZONE3 Prime offers everything the express software offers, in addition to full 3D CAD capabilities

ZONE3 Pro combines the powerful processing power and user interface of ZONE3 Prime, as well as all the features. ZONE3 Pro also adds enhanced analysis and productivity tools for the user with full support for handling regulated environments so errors are a thing of the past.

ZONE3 Offline offers the full features of the Pro package but is optimised for use at offline workstations, so you no longer need a measuring machine for programming.

OGP UK Metrology Day

OGP UK Metrology Day – Thursday 23rd March 2023

Advanced Innovation Centre, Faraday House, Foston, Derbyshire

9.30am – 4.30pm

ZONE3 Software – keynote speech by Colby Finn, VP of Marketing at OGP/QVI.

11.30am: Why is ZONE3 the world’s most comprehensive metrology software – how ZONE3 metrology software works with you, for you.  

Who is ZONE3 keynote speaker, Colby Finn?

Colby Finn was educated at the University of Rochester, US with a Bachelor of Science in Optics, before she joined OGP as an Applications Engineer in 2007. She was promoted to Metrology Reliability Engineer in 2010, while she studied an MBA in General Management at St John Fisher University, US. 

Colby became Program Manager in Advanced Development at QVI in 2015 before becoming Director of Advanced Technology in 2017, and in 2020, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for QVI.

Highly skilled in the fields of engineering, engineering management, experiment design, product development, root cause analysis, automation and lean manufacturing, Colby has worked across multiple industries, applications and processes to provide a comprehensive understanding of manufacturer’s needs. 

What will be discussed about ZONE3 at the OGP UK Metrology Day?

  • What does ZONE3 offer?
  • Automated features including measuring routines, path generation and edge detection
  • Fast visual verification
  • Animated GD&T

Have you booked your place?

There is still time to book your FREE place for the OGP UK Metrology Day featuring keynote speakers, live technology demonstrations, expert insight and much more. This week, we introduce ZONE3 Software and discover its features and applications ahead of the Metrology Day featuring keynote speaker Colby Finn, VP of Marketing at OGP.