SmartScope SP range in focus: complete control of everyday dimensional inspection

The OGP SP range is a comprehensive line of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that integrate advanced scanning probe technologies to deliver optimal inspection solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks. The range consists of three models, each tailored to meet specific needs and budgets.

What machines are available in the SP range?

SmartScope SP 332 – large working volume on a benchtop system

SmartScope SP 463 – rugged, floor model system designed to handle larger, heavier parts

SmartScope SP 663 – large measuring volume and high payload capacity in compact footprint


  • Compatible with lasers, rotaries, optics and probes
  • Benchtop and floor models
  • Precision in tight spaces
  • Full multi-sensor versatility 
  • Intricate inspection of critical components
  • Speed and accuracy for full capacity metrology
  • Smooth and seamless large part measurements
  • distortion-free, high fidelity images

Multi-sensor for more applications

One of the hallmarks of the SP range is its multi-sensor versatility. The machines are compatible with lasers, rotaries, optics and probes, making them suitable for a wide range of inspection applications. They offer precision in tight spaces, enabling intricate inspection of critical components with speed and accuracy.

Complete control over output

The SP range delivers distortion-free, high-fidelity images, making it easy to identify even the smallest defects. It also offers real-time control of production lines, allowing manufacturers to identify and address process “noise” before it becomes a problem. This helps ensure that parts are delivered right the first time, reducing scrap and maximising throughput, ultimately increasing profits and enhancing their reputation among existing and potential customers.

Multiple applications

With these features and benefits, it’s no wonder that the OGP SP range has built up a loyal customer base comprising some of the major players from industries such as aerospace, automotive, education, engineering, and medical. The range offers manufacturers the opportunity to achieve exceptional 3D optical performance alongside the highest standards of accuracy, speed, and repeatability, even on the most demanding parts and features. 

The SP range provides smooth and seamless large part measurements, enabling manufacturers to take real-time control of their production lines and improve their overall quality and efficiency.

Challenge OGP UK to measure your most complex parts in record time. Get in touch to ensure your dimensional inspection is primed for the future.