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Software Spotlight: Prolink

QC-CALC metrology software reporting features

Better data begins here.

Prolink recognise your time is valuable and should not be spent dealing with manual data collection. That is why QC-CALC is known throughout the industry as the easiest SPC software to implement. 

Prolink have addressed the data collection and reporting needs of our customers for over 40 years and have solved multiple solutions for multiple applications for worldwide businesses.

Unlike many software makers that want to replace what you already own, Prolink products fit in with your existing software. Rather than try and be everything to everybody, we focus on integrating with the best in class providers of statistics, ballooning, and databases.

Easy to Use

Feature Rich


Prolink. In a nutshell.

Prolink offers an entire suite of software solutions to address and automate the data collection and quality analysis tasks performed throughout any organisation. Each software solution in the Prolink suite is designed to complement each other, and the entire inspection process. But it doesn’t stop there. Prolink is not only applicable to quality control processes. 


QC-Sort is a non-statistical application that is used to easily identify out of specification parts on a multiple part fixture.


QC-CALC SPC is a comprehensive statistical process control application designed to monitor, manage, analyze, and report the results of your shop floor data.


First introduced in 1983, QC-CALC Real-Time is at the heart of Prolink’s software suite and is the central hub of all data collection. It collects, analyzes, and reports the inspection results making data collection seamless regardless of the equipment purchased or software used.


SPC Office Buddy provides a fast and easy way to create charts and reports in Minitab®, JMP®, and Excel®. Integrating with external programs allows employees to leverage existing software purchases and streamlines acceptance within your organization.


Enterprise Report Scheduler facilitates the creation of interactive charts, dashboards, and Full Views enabling a top-down view of the overall quality within the factory.


GageStation is designed to collect inspection data directly from electronic gages that are not as programmable as CMMs. Regardless of the data source, QC-Gage is ready to automate data collection.


PLCStation provides a fast and easy method of reading data from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) at regular intervals saving time & money with improved accuracy.


QC-Mobile is a web-based application that works as a companion application to ERS by helping you to distribute reports, dashboards, full views and drill down statistics via any web browser on your network.

And now you can go Plant wide for data sharing any time, any place

What will be discussed about Prolink at the OGP UK Metrology Day?

Helping businesses big and small realise the importance of SPC software, in addition to the full Prolink suite, keynote speaker, Gene Van Patten has supported countless manufacturing facilities with implementation and integration, enabling them to collect, quantify, analyse and use the data they need to make better data-driven decisions.

  • What does Prolink offer?
  • How the Prolink suite of software works together seamlessly, and integrates with existing processes, and technology
  • How quality data is collected and reported to establish capability such as first article inspection, and archive records.
  • How SPC is made to maintain process stability
  • How Prolink software provides advanced warnings of components that deviate from specification
  • How control limits and trend warnings can help operators predict patterns
QC-Calc Realtime
SPC Data Flow

OGP UK Metrology Day

Prolink Software – keynote speech by Gene VanPatten, Director of Sales at Prolink Software 

10.45pm – Data is king: the perfect software solution for all levels – deep dive into automated data collection, quality analysis and the benefits of Prolink Software. Make better, more informed decisions for your business.

Who is Prolink keynote speaker, Gene Van Patten?

Gene was educated at Governors State University in Illinois, US before becoming a Supervisor and Midwest Regional Manager in Industrial Products, in Chicago. He became Director of Sales at Prolink in 2012, taking responsibility for major account and channel management. 

Highly skilled in the fields of product management, lean manufacturing, engineering, business development and leadership, Gene understands the demands of modern-day quality control, as well as the wider manufacturing landscape, and how Prolink can help solve multiple problems, with multiple applications. 

Have you booked your place?

There is still time to book your FREE place for the OGP UK Metrology Day featuring keynote speakers, live technology demonstrations, expert insight and much more. This week, we introduce Prolink Software and discover its features and applications ahead of the Metrology Day featuring keynote speaker Gene Van Patten, Director of Sales at Prolink.

OGP UK Metrology Day – Thursday 23rd March 2023

Advanced Innovation Centre, Faraday House, Foston, Derbyshire

9.30am – 4.30pm