Manufacturers need to be flexible and agile. Product complexity demands the ability to measure a vast array of features, with no two jobs being the same. While one measuring machine may meet the demands of today, who knows what tomorrow may demand?

OGP UK measuring machines provide future-proof capabilities. They do this by providing multi-sensor capabilities to meet any measurement requirement. Why have a traditional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) alongside a laser scanner and a profile projector? You could have one OGP SmartScope® system to do the work of several machines. Not only does this reduce purchase cost, but releases valuable floor space.

Most importantly, every feature can be measured in one routine with a multi-sensor system. This means vastly improved speed of inspection. It also means greater repeatability as the part does not have to be moved between several machines – which adds in human factors. OGP SmartScope® systems measure every feature in one routine and then report the results through our sophisticated software.

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OGP UK has a dedicated team of service and applications engineers on-hand to support you. Whatever your measurement requirement, our highly-trained experts can support you nationwide. They have expertise in all industries and bring this to our customers to help them increase inspection throughput as well as improve accuracy and repeatability.

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